• My Top Five Ted Talks

    My Top Five Ted Talks

    If you haven’t heard of Ted Talks yet, you are in for a treat.  “Ideas worth spreading” is their motto.  There are hundreds of talks on various topics.  Best part is they are all, on average, about 20 minutes. These talks aren’t meant to be taken at face value.  They are meant to get youContinue… Read more

  • Ten Years and Counting

    Ten Years and Counting

    Years ago, Lorna Jane wrote the words that would begin her writing journey. For the first time, she is sharing them. Read more

  • Beta Listening

    Beta Listening

    Meeting new people sometimes brings new adventures. For Lorna Jane, beta listening is one such experience. Read more

  • New Year – Same Idea

    New Year – Same Idea

    I’m an optimist. Not a “plug your ears, close your eyes and sing a happy song while ignoring reality” type. More like I know reality and hope in the good to come. I believe that problems can be solved, people can learn and be better, and everything will turn out alright in the end…until theContinue… Read more

  • Short Story: A Blessing And A Curse

    Short Story: A Blessing And A Curse

                    It was meant as a blessing, but it was far from it.                 My parents meant well.  They loved their “darling daughter” and wished to make her life better than their own.  They did not have much.  My father was a laborer, my mother a seamstress whenever she could get work.   They saved everyContinue… Read more

  • The Art of Listening

    The Art of Listening

    Have you ever spoken to a child and, as they talk, they have a long pause between words or ideas? I’ve seen two main reactions to this.  One, there’s an impatience that happens.  Either for the kid to finish up because you know what they are going to say anyway, you want to quit beingContinue… Read more