To truly get a glimpse of who I am, you must look at that which inspires me.  I’m not talking about those fleeting moments where you get warm fuzzies and “oh, wasn’t that nice.”  I’m talking about those things that inspire action.  That move you to be better.  There are people, places, smells, that ignite a movement in me to improve and be the best me.  Unfortunately I can’t exactly wrap that up in a nice ball to show everyone and say, “Shiny!”  And poof, you know who I am!  Man, bios are tough that way.  In a few short paragraphs (cause no one reads the long bios… no one) I’m supposed to tell you why I’m interesting.  Can’t do it.  I mean, I’m a human and that’s a good start.  So, I’ll say this, and I’m not going to sugar coat it, I fall short.  Often.  But it is in the effort and continual work that I feel the most like me.  So if you know what it is like to keep moving forward and creating your life instead of just living it, then you know a good chunk about me already.

I suppose the only other thing that you need to know is that I love anything that has to do with story telling.  Writing, acting, dancing, art.  All of it has the potential to uplift, inspire, and change people for the better.  (See a pattern here? I love personal growth and it brings great joy to observe such things in others.)


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  1. Sarah E. Harder says:

    Ha! Yes, at best I will skim through a long bio. It is significant that I’m even at someone’s sight, I certainly don’t have time to read a long bio. Only if I become truly invested in someone and their work will I consider reading one that is lengthy. Yours would be worth reading though as I am highly invested (and yup, you are very interesting!) I look forward to following your process and journey through to being published. It will happen!


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