Rejecting my “Rejection” Post

Let me be extra real with you.  I’ve been having a hard time lately.  The past week in particular being a highlight.  My enthusiasm for life dwindled more than just a little bit.  However, I felt an urgency to get another post written. I didn’t want to be one of those people who abandons their site for long periods of time.  I should have waited.  You see, I go back and read the Rejection post and it just feels  like fluff.  The ideas in it aren’t wrong, but it isn’t as I had intended.  When I originally had the idea of writing about rejection I really felt like I had something substantial to say.  I wrote it not feeling “right” and I shouldn’t have.

I’m leaving it up though as a reminder to be more considerate of my ideas.  To not rush.  To ponder longer.  To not worry about filling a quota.  It’s a good lesson.

Plus, going back and reading it years from now will be a bigger “oh yeah, you’ve improved” than anything else that I’ve written here so far =c)

2 thoughts on “Rejecting my “Rejection” Post

  1. “I’m leaving it up though as a reminder to be more considerate of my ideas.” WHOA. This, right here. That’s intense yo. Great insight. I need to be more considerate ofm y ideas too, but of actually bothering to write them down since I’ve let my creativity languish in so many ways. Thank you Lor!

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do. You are a great writer. Also, I love your Dissipating Excuses post. It is beautiful and inspiring.

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